Friday, June 02, 2006

"........we went from being the most patriotic girls in America to Saddam's Angels"

On May 31st, the Dixie Chicks made an appearance on CNN's "Larry King Live." Of course, everyone remembers a few years ago when the band, from Pres. Bush's home state of Texas, spoke out against the Bush adminstration's war on Iraq. The firestorm of backlash against those comments has somewhat subsided. But the band is still largely viewed as un-American.

But what did the Dixie Chicks do to deserve such a rebuke? They excercised their right to speak out in dissent against our wayward president and his false pretenses for war against a sovereign nation (albeit with a rogue government) that was of no real threat to us. The Chicks didn't burn a flag or denounce U.S. soldiers or their families. They simply let the world know that not all Americans support this administration. That doesn't sound "un-American" too me. Quite the contrary...........

Since 9/11, many Americans have been concerned with the loss of rights because of the Patriot Act. But considering the reaction to the Dixie Chicks' dissent, it shouldn't be surprising. Too many people wanted to take away their right to speak out and be heard. And now we're giving up so many of our rights too.

For a transcript of the Chicks appearance on Larry King's show..............

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