Sunday, June 11, 2006

Augusta Chronicle says, "No Thanks" to the Big Guy

In today's Augusta Chronicle, there was a scathing editorial about Mark Taylor's healthcare proposal and the perceived attitude of his campaign towards Georgia voters.

Are Georgians a bunch of children, incapable of taking care of themselves, and in need of a big daddy to look after them? According to Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Taylor, they are - at least if one believes the TV ads he's running.

If you watch television at all, you must have seen it. There have been several variations dealing with different issues, but they all stress the same general theme - that Georgia needs the Big Guy, Mark Taylor, to take care of the little guy, namely everybody else.

The ad couldn't be more condescending or insulting to the Peach State citizenry.
The clear implication is ordinary folks are little guys who can't take care of themselves, but that the Big Guy can. So vote for the Big Guy, and all your worries will go away.

Hogwash. Most Georgians can get along just fine without the Big Guy, or any other manifestation of Big Government taking care of them. Yet Taylor's patronizing ad campaign does provide insight into how most Democratic leaders regard voters - as childlike creatures who look to government to meet their every need, not just their essential public needs.
This is a destructive political philosophy that makes promises it neither can nor should deliver on. Even worse, it undermines personal responsibility.

Helpful political leaders should champion programs that promote more personal responsibility, not less. Good government is not about taking care of people - it's about helping people to take better care of themselves.

From the Sunday, June 11, 2006 edition of the Augusta Chronicle


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