Sunday, June 04, 2006

Cox and Taylor on Healthcare

Walter C. Jones of Morris News Service has a good article talking about the differences in the Cox and Taylor approaches to healthcare. As Jones says, this is one of top priority issues of this year's (or any year's really) campaign. It's an area where we fall short as a society. And with more and more people reaching a point in their lives where healthcare is essential, this one area where a good candidate will have a plan.

As the article says, the Taylor proposal came out in January. But it doesn't mention that at a speech before the Georgia Chamber of Commerce that same month, it was met with mixed reviews at best. His plan would make healthcare available for everyone regardless of income. Many expressed concerens about the cost and it's chances of becoming a reality. On the outside looking in, it does look like it would come with an astronomical price tag.

Still, I like the fact that he's willing to make the issue a top priority.

Cox's plan seems to be more manageable. It's a good example of her ability to apply common sense approaches. It's all about helping those that can't afford coverage or prescription medicines. And, I love her idea of purchasing pools for small businesses.

Hopefully, this will be an issue that the Democratic nominee can take into the general election and put it to the Republicans. The goal is the same for both Cox and Taylor: make sure every American has access to healthcare.

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