Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Disaster 911 - Animal version

Natural disasters suck. But maybe they suck even worse for animals. Because all too often, they get left behind when people evacuate their homes. Sometimes that's not by the owners choice. And sometimes the owner stays behind to protect his/her pet(s) and endanger themselves in doing so. I imagine that we all think of such scenerios and ask ourselves just what we do in that situation. For many of who recognize and cherish the bond of friendship between humanity and the animal world, we just can't bear to walk out on a friend who wouldn't walk out on us.

Williams pointed out that in 1994, when the first Tropical Storm Alberto stalled over South Georgia dumping torrential rains and causing flooding in 40 counties, some of the 36 people who died in that storm did so because they failed to evacuate because they didn’t want to leave their animals.

In fact, we've all seen and heard of many instances where animals have risked their lives while trying to save or protect their loved ones. Even in situations where imminent danger isn't present, pets often save human lives. They provide much needed friendship and comfort to many who need it. Which is one reason why I support PALS (Pets Are Loving Support).

So this is why I was so pleased to see an article in the Tifton Gazette saying that state officials are keeping our animal friends in mind when faced with a disaster. Maybe in the future, people will not have to risk their lives to save their pets.

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