Friday, June 09, 2006

Gay friendly candidates and officials supporting Cox fundraiser

Dyana Bagby at Sovo is reporting that several "gay-friendly" big names plan to attend a womens fundraiser for Cathy Cox on June 15th. However that doesn't mean that some of them haven't expressed their personal disappointment to Cox on her position on gay marriage and civil unions. Karla Drenner, Georgia's first openly gay elected office holder, does have more questions for Cox. So apparently, she has some fence mending to do with Drenner.

However, the article does mention Peter Jackson, Cox spokesman, reaffirming Cox's support of gay rights:

Cox does support legal protections for gays such as allowing employers to offer domestic partner benefits as well as inheritance rights and medical visitation for gay couples, he said.

The article also includes quotes from gay-friendly state rep. Stephanie Stuckey Benfield (D):

Benfield, a vocal opponent of the amendment in 2004, said she also would continue to support Cox and plans to attend the June 15 fundraiser.“She is the most gay-friendly candidate,” said Benfield, who supports civil unions. “She is very open-minded. She’s had some stumbles along the way, but we need to look at the big picture. I still think she’s the best bet.”

And state rep. Kathy Ashe (D):

Ashe, who faces a gay challenger in the Democratic primary this year, has also been a long-standing supporter of gay rights but said she will continue to support Cathy Cox as “the most progressive on these issues.”
“I will attend the fundraiser and support her. And I hope that evening she addresses this entire issue,” Ashe said.

The fundraiser will also be attended and supported by Decatur city commissioner, Kecia Cunningham, the state's first openly gay African American elected to public office. Also, Luz Borrero, deputy chief operating officer for the city of Atlanta, and openly gay. Other gay-friendly officials attending are: state rep. Nan Orrock (D), running for the state senate, state rep. Alisha Thomas Morgan (D), and state rep. Mary Margaret Oliver (D).

Thanks to Dyana and Sovo for covering this story. People in the LGBT community are looking to see how their leaders are reacting on this. And it's good to see that most are keeping a cool head while seeking answers.

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