Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Kick the oil habit!

Here's an interesting website with an action alert to tell the oil companies that we intend to "kick the oil habit." This website is part of a campaign by a non profit group that I've been reading regularly, Center for American Progress Action Fund.

This ties in with one of Cathy Cox's policy plans. Her farm-grown fuels proposal is solid stuff that could help Georgians in so many ways. Economically and environmentally, farm-grown fuels could make Georgia a global leader in alternative fuel sources. In this day and age, this is the kind of vision that we need from our leaders.

It the effects of growing such an industry in Georgia has far-reaching effects. It would provide economic opportunity to farmers and other potential workers in rural Georgia. Infrustructure would be built for increased crop production as well as for processing and refining the supply. Money would be infused in parts of the state that can use a boost. Local tax revenues would increase social services, education budgets, and relieve other burdened areas. Better education opportunities is a huge step toward making Georgia a more progressive state.

Georgia is in the top 10 in population. Cox has said that means that Georgia should also be in the top 10 in every major statistical category. Growing crops for fuel is about more than the obvious. It's about growing our state. Georgia will not be able to step forward until the rest of our state is attended to as well as the metro Atlanta area has been.

Check our her plan. And see if this is the kind of vision that you want from your next governor.

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