Friday, June 16, 2006

Savannah Morning News blasts "the big guy"

This now makes TWO (see Augusta Chronicle) of the state's largest newspapers to tell Mark Taylor exactly what they think of him. Ducking the debate with Sec. of State Cathy Cox last night was a huge mistake and reveals a weakness of "the big guy."

From today's Savannah Morning News:

Taylor runs and cuts
Opinion Editorial

Friday, June 16, 2006 at 12:30 am

MARK TAYLOR should pay more attention to the public and less attention to the pollsters if he wants to be Georgia's next governor.

The lieutenant governor was a prominent no-show at Thursday morning's scheduled debate with Secretary of State Cathy Cox at the Georgia Press Association's annual convention, held this year at the Westin Hotel in Savannah.

But his high-profile vanishing act - the second in two months, counting last month's no-show at the Georgia Chamber of Commerce gathering on the coast - is more than tedious or irritating. It raises questions about his abilities and confidence.

His campaign issued no official explanation for ditching the GPA, whose members include 144 newspapers that reach millions of readers across Georgia. The conventional wisdom is that Mr. Taylor is ahead in the polls in the four-way race for the Democratic nomination, and that he has more to lose than gain by appearing in debates with Ms. Cox, the other leading contender, before the July 18 primary.

But here's the rub: By seemingly playing it safe, the Big Guy cuts himself down.
He appears he's not interested in sharing his thoughts and ideas with the public - a perception that's poisonous.

Someone who's running for the state's top job must engage the public and stand his ground in any forum, not run and cut when he feels like it.

Strong words and true words from the editorial staff. Georgia's voters are owed such appearances by our candidates - especially when they are agreed to and confirmed two weeks earlier as the Georgia Press Assoc. says the Taylor campaign did. True to form, the Taylor camp says they didn't. So now we're into telling lies to suit ourselves too? Shame on you Mark Taylor! You're this state's Lt. Gov. and you're asking us to make you our Governor. We expect more of you than this.

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