Monday, June 05, 2006

Republicans are dropping us hints. Are we listening?

This is from today's AJC Political Insider blog. The Republicans are pandering to the religious conservative vote by calling Cox "soft on gays." This is the paragraph that speaks to what Republican polling reveals:

"First, by jumping into the primary fray, Republicans could be letting Democrats know that they have a general election argument that plays to one of their greatest strengths. In essence, they want to push Democratic voters into the arms of Mark Taylor, whom their polling says would be easier to beat."

The Republicans have been telling us this themselves for a long, long time now. This info. is consistent with what virtually every other poll that examined this has said, Republicans fear Cox more than Taylor.

When Cox supporters have made this assertion, it hasn't been for the sake of politically attacking Taylor. It's only been a matter of listening to what voters are telling us. If our base (40% of the vote) stays true to us, we need a general election candidate that can attract an extra 5% or so of the vote to win the general election. Cox has the potential to do that, especially with women who voted for Perdue 4 years ago. Outside of his conservative Democratic base, Taylor just doesn't have that kind of appeal.

Again, it's not an attack. It's just the truth.

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