Sunday, June 25, 2006

Yet TWO more objective sources call Taylor's ads false

For those of us who have followed Georgia politics in the last 20 years, we're familiar with how dirty things can get. It's an important yet disruptive cog to Georgia politics that Cathy Cox wants to change. As we've come to expect, Mark Taylor is right in the middle of the dirt bombs.

It's really not surprising that Mark Taylor would 1) lie and distort Cathy Cox's record in an attempt to deceive the "little guys", who he hopes will simply accept what he spoon feeds us. And 2) refuse to take down the ad when numerous people step forward to say that his ad is NOT true, including the AJC, a national independent fact checking organizing on truth in advertising, and a Pullitzer Prize winning journalist.

Amy from Georgia Women Vote has a video clip of Randall Savage's observations of the Taylor ad:

And Mel from Blog for Democracy provides a link on her blog to This is a national organization that serves as a watchdog group that watches out for the so called "little guys" when the "big guys" lie to us.

Themes are always a part of campaigns. And the theme in this race seems to be the fact that Georgians deserve better than Mark Taylor-esque politics.

But a little piece of unsolicited advice for the Cox campaign: get back on message. Defend yourself. But remind the voters of Georgia that YOU are the candidate of substance. YOU are the candidate with plans for the Georgia's future. And YOU are only person in this race that's capable of making significant change's that will better the lives of "the little guys."

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