Friday, June 02, 2006

Could Georgia become the country's leader in alternative fuel sources?

Secretary of State and Democratic candidate for Governor, Cathy Cox, has released details for an alternative fuels program here in Georgia. It's been disappointing to see this AP story get relatively little attention this week. But this opportunity is wide open for Georgia farmers to make a difference.

Over the weekend, Sec. Cox revealed her plan saying, "Our agricultural industry and our state are perfectly matched to make Georgia the farm-grow fuels capital of the world."

Details of the plan are included in the link..........

Her opponent, Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor, earlier expressed support for research on alternative fuel sources. Unfortunately, he admits to having no plan on this. He only offered this weak attack:

The Taylor campaign did not address the fuels initiative but said in a statement that Cox "announces her new energy policy and then takes her campaign on the road in a gas guzzling SUV with volunteers in a large gas guzzling RV registered in Florida. You can't trust anything she says or does."

So does Taylor drive around in a solar powered car? That's got to be one of worst responses to an important issue I've ever heard. I'm glad that Mr. Taylor is open to alternative fuel sources. But we need to hear some ideas from him on how to go about it. Add alternative fuel sources to ethics reform, saving public education, economic stimulus, and public safety as an issue that he's allowed Cox to get out in front of him on.

Drew, from So Far, So Left offers a good commentary on this issue and the contrast of Cox's approach to the Republicans' gas tax suspension.........

Well said Drew!

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