Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Want to Help Jim Martin?

Jane at Martin headquarters has some tips on how you can do just that:

There are only 14 DAYS left until the election, and we've still got lots to do. You can make a difference by volunteering just a few hours of your time.

Below are four easy ways for you to help Jim. Please email or call me and tell me how you'd like to contribute to Jim's success on Election Day.

1. Call registered voters and encourage them to vote for Jim. Making calls just one night in the next 14 days will make a difference (I will give you a script, a list of voters to call, and Jim's bio). We call Sunday through Thursday nights from 6 to 9 p.m.

2. Knock on doors in your area on Saturday, October 28 from 9 a.m. until noon. I will give you a script, a targeted list of doors to knock, and information on Jim.

3. Knock on doors in your area on Saturday, November 4 from 9 a.m. until noon. Again, I will give you a script, a targeted list of doors to knock, and information on Jim.

4. Wave signs at high-visibility intersections in your area on Election Day, Tuesday, November 7th. Remind voters to go to the polls during morning and evening rush hours.

Please call or email me with questions and to sign up to volunteer.

Thank you!!!!
Jane :)
Jane Bradshaw
Outreach Director
Jim Martin for Lt. Governor
404-493-5496 (c)


Rocky said...

Knock on doors at 9am? That's a little early!

In all seriousness, I wonder if there has been any research into the efficacy of door-to-door campaign efforts. I've had three experiences with door-to-door campaigners, and each time I was left with a negative impression.

I think the one item which is missing from this list is "send an email to your friends who are registered to vote and remind them that this race matters and is very much in-play."

Button Gwinnett said...

I hear ya Rocky. My canvassing efforts are on selected weekday afternoons from 4 or 5 pm to about 7 or 8 pm. Sometimes I'll do some follow ups on Saturday afternoons. And believe me, I'll take canvassing over phone banking any day!!! :-(

One thing I have found through canvassing is that it works, particularly with your own neighbors. There are people that still respond to old fashioned "sit on the front porch" type campaigning. Most of my neighbors just stop by or call me to see who I'm voting for. Not that it means they'll do the same. But they know I'm willing to share an opinion or two.

The ones that aren't receptive to your visit will let you know right away. Whatever the case, the canvasser just has to be aware that they can do as much harm as they can good.

I do use my personal email lists for politcking. You're right that should be on the list. Like with canvassing in your own neighborhood, a personal endorsement from someone you know is the most effective - even through email.