Monday, October 16, 2006

And I thought Randy Evans was the biggest jerk on the State Election Board

But I do believe that his fellow Republican, Tex McIver, could give him a run for his money. Evans' constant grandstanding and flagrant partisanship seemingly has created less than ideal working relations with the state and local election officials. With confusion over what is required to cast a ballot in Georgia likely, Evans' co-hort, McIver, has shown even less usefulness by creating even more confusion.

This week we found out that Tex doesn't have a problem sending out 200,000 letters to Georgia voters erroneously telling them they need an ID to cast their vote this November. This, despite the fact that the state's Voter ID law was struck down by a federal judge. Apparently, ole Tex feels that he doesn't need a law or a judge to tell him how to "educate" the voters of the Peach State. But I don't think this act has anything to do with voter "education" at all.

The AJC , Macon Telegraph, and the Athens Banner Herald all weighed in on this in their editorial pages.


Steve said...

I am afraid Georgia is going to go off the deep end this time and get redder. I like Taylor but it looks like Purdue is going to crush him.

There's a ton of stuff to do post election.

Button Gwinnett said...

Funny things can happen and races can change in almost an instant. Looks like Sonny's got enough skeletons in his closet that things *could* turn around. The Republicans changing the law to require majority in general election races might just come back to haunt them in both the Gov. and Lt. Gov. race. In football or basketball terms, let's hope that we can create some turnovers and score some points.


Either way, I think we will see a lot of changes going on, just as you said. Obviously, we'll be looking for a new leader for DPG. If nothing else, this election year did bring out some new people that may have bright futures in Georgia politics.......i.e. Shyam Reddy, Scott Holcomb, Alan Thornell, etc. Plus we've seen several really good women in state legislature races this year, some of which still have a chance of winning like Melanie Eyre, and Lauren Benedict.

Also, we have several Libertarian candidates that are running better than expected. Indy and 3rd party voters are stronger in the state than maybe ever before. Even though I'm a Democrat, I think this is probably a good thing for our process.