Monday, October 30, 2006

Lt. Governor Debate Comes Down to Issues

In contrast to so many of the debates that we saw during the primary and into the general election season, the 3 men vying for Lt. Gov. of Georgia, Jim Martin, Casey Cagle, and Alan Buckley, kept the debate focused on actual issues. That's almost a news item in itself............

The debate might be a little boring for those who are looking for one-liners and personal insults. But I appreciate the fact that all 3 men more or less laid their positions out, talked about their records, and put it to the voters in a way that they could decide how they want to vote.

I like it - man-up and lets see what ya got!

I guess it's no surprise that I found myself siding mostly with Martin in his positions. I like the fact that he referred to stem cell research as a matter of science vs. Cagle's opinion that it's an issue of morality. And as a Sierra Club member, I do believe that Cagle's record on the environment shows more of a respect for business than for our natural resources themselves.

Alan Buckley's line about the Lt. Gov. essentially being reduced to the role of backup QB for the Gov. was dead on. But the real story on that is the politics that have played a role in the re-shaping of the Lt. Governor's powers in recent years. There's just no place for such pettiness in doing the work of the people.

And both Buckley and Martin made mention of Cagle's and the Republicans' support for a voter ID law, potentially disenfranchising hundreds of thousands of the state's voters.

For a report on the debate, check out Doug Gross' AP article.


Steve said...

Personally I think that the three guys are fairly decent candidates, though Cagle is a decent third to the first two. I was really rooting for him against Reed back in the primaries. I see a deep red wave coming here in GA. I guess they will blame it on the liberals, though the state party is pretty much moderate.

Button Gwinnett said...

This is just my opinion, but I always thought of Casey Cagle as someone who was exactly like Ralph Reed without the ethics problems. Though at times he has shown that he will put corporate interests before public interests.

He's someone that I very much disagree with politically. But I certainly respect him more than Reed.

P.S. Casey isn't someone I would want to make mad though. He gave Reed a couple of crazed, wild-eyed stares this summer!