Thursday, October 12, 2006

Cox: "We're simply doing my job today."

Doug Gross of the Macon Telegraph has a report on today's capitol ceremony where Sec. of State Cathy Cox unveiled a new exhibit at the capitol history museum. The story has been buzzing around the Georgia blogosphere in the last 24 hours, primarily because Gov. Perdue accepted his invitation to attend the ceremony.

Unfortunately, some less than ethical folks took this opportunity to take digs at Cox via blogs and emails by feigning shock and outrage and predicting that Cox's future in the Democratic party is nonexistant, and therefore, she's going to become a Republican. Said ethically-challenged folks conveniently left out the fact that Perdue's rival, Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor, and members of the state legislature were invited as well. But I guess mentioning that fact would've spoiled their poison pens.

The title of Gross' article, "Cox makes first post-primary appearance - with Republican Perdue," sounds as sensationalized as the tone of yesterday's AJC Political Insider blog about this event. But Gross does mention in the article that this was, in fact, not Cox's first post-primary appearance, as she's already made several appearances with Democratic candidates for the Georgia legislature. So much for the "Republican" theory.

The whole thing is very disappointing because we're less than 4 weeks away from an election that is vitally important to Georgia's future. We also have the first scheduled debate between Taylor and Perdue tonight. Polls show that we're trailing anywhere from 18 to 24 points. Despite this, Democrats have become more upbeat this week by Taylor's new ads hitting the air with a hope of knocking Perdue down under the magic 50% number so as to force a runoff that might even the odds for a Democratic victory.

Instead of being united in our efforts to defeat Perdue, we have people who are still seeking to further divide the party and possibly push more votes from women into Republican hands. At this point, I've said all that I can say. People are just going to do whatever it is they want to do. The problem is, we'll all suffer because, not only are they hurting themselves and their reputations more than they are hurting Cathy Cox, they are also hurting the DPG.

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