Monday, October 30, 2006

Interesting Ploy by the Wiggins Campaign

Georgia Political Digest has a letter from the Wiggins campaign on its front page. They are citing an FCC regulation on "false and misleading advertising" in an effort to get television stations to stop airing Justice Hunstein's attack ad.

Personally, I didn't think Hunstein needed to air such an ad, whether true, partially true, or false. I think she should promote Wiggins' invitation to put her record before the public and let the chips fall where they may. Despite Wiggins' cherrypicking on hot button issues, I think Georgia voters would see that Hunstein isn't the "activist judge" that they have tried to make her out to be. Rather she is quite an independent presence on the Georgia Supreme Court, as opposed to his flagrant partisanship in a nonpartisan race.

I don't believe that this ploy by the Wiggins campaign will work in stopping the ads. But maybe it isn't designed to do that?

Probably 90% of all political ads that we see and hear are either false or misleadingly extreme stretches in some way or another. But it will likely force television news programs to address the Wiggins letter on the air. And it will probably preface a likely lawsuit that will get some ink in the newspapers and more TV air time.

In other words, its free publicity.

"The Hunstein campaign advertisement is false, misleading and
deceptive. We demand that you refuse to continue to air this advertisement.
If this advertisement continues to air, we may pursue any and all legal
avenues available to us. "

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