Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Al Gore in '08?

Sierra's online magazine has a neat little interview with Al Gore. Gore's been at the forefront of environmental issues for a long time now. And he's possibly the most famous supporter of the Sierra Club itself. His critically acclaimed movie, An Inconvenient Truth, will be in stores on November 21st. It's a must see.

Of course, Gore will be included in the next year when potential Democratic presidential candidates are discussed. He remains non-committal when asked about it. But I happen to think that he's learned a lot from his defeat in 2000.

First of all, I don't think we'll ever know whether or not Gore truly lost that election. But he didn't run the best campaign that he could've run that year. I doubt that he'll make some of the same mistakes twice.

One of which was the percieved (and I suspect real) split with President Clinton. Interestingly enough, a Mother Jones' Mojo Blog poster pointed out Clinton/Gore '06 fighting big oil in California. Should Hillary not win the nomination, support from the Clintons would be necessary for Gore or any other Democrat.

I'm not sold on Hillary. And I'm going to catch some flack from some friends on that. But I'm wide open on who I would be willing to support in 2008. And that includes Al Gore.


Tina said...

I like Joe Biden. I think both Kerry and Gore have had their chance. A Biden-Edwards, Biden-Obama, or Biden-Bayh ticket would please me (at least at this point). What would be really neat is for Colin Powell to become a
Democrat and be available as a VP or cabinet member. The Republs really did him dirt & so far as I am concerned Condi needs to go back to being provost at Stanford. She is a talented lady, but mainly being used as a mouthpiece for the Axis of Reactionary Rhetoric (Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove).

Button Gwinnett said...

"Axis of Reactionary Rhetoric" - good one, Tina.

I too have mixed feelings about Condi. She's someone that has always struck me as an incredibly smart and talented woman as well. I definitely want her to succeed in her life.

But she is so not what it is needed in the Bush administration. Powell was strong enough to moderate Cheney and Rummy somewhat. Condi can't and will never be able to. And that's just one reason why the second Bush term is so disastrously bad.

I mean it when I saw I am completely wide open for 2008. I'm not leaning towards anyone and I'm not particularly sold on anyone. So we'll see how things shake out.