Thursday, October 12, 2006

Georgia Equality's List of Endorsees

GE's list is short, but sweet. Check it out to see who GE is supporting, and who is supporting the LGBT community in Georgia:

Georgia Equality has announced its endorsed candidates for the 2006 General Election.
To be considered for endorsement, candidates had to complete a detailed questionnaire with their stand on issues of LGBT equality and many were interviewed. Each candidate was also required to sign a pledge to oppose any attempt to restrict equality for LGBT Georgians.

Endorsed Candidates

Lt. Governor:

Jim Martin

State Senate:

SD 32; Ruth E. Levy
SD 41; Steve Henson
SD 46; Jane Kidd

State House:

HD 46; Melanie Eyre
HD 48, Jan Hackney
HD 72; Kevin Madden
HD 80; Mike Jacobs
HD 81; Jill Chambers
HD 95; George Wilson

Fulton County Commission:

Chair; John Eaves
Commission District 2: Bill Loughrey

** On a personal note, I'd just like to say that I'm sorry to hear that Chuck Bowen is leaving GE as executive director. Word come down about 10 days ago that his 2 year tenure was coming to an end. Hopefully he'll hang around Atlanta. I enjoy his friendship and counsel.

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