Thursday, October 12, 2006

Jay Martin says we're "neck and neck"

Reiterating his father's words over the weekend, Jay Martin, Jim's campaign manager, sends an email out to supporters to remind us that we're in a close race for Lt. Gov. with Casey Cagle.

From Jay's note:

We have big news. We have known for some time that we are neck and neck with our opponent in the polls. Of the four major polls conducted in the past few weeks, three (including two conducted by Republican firms) have shown that the race is a statistical tie.

We now know that we are neck and neck with our opponent in fundraising, as well. With your generous help, we have raised more than a million dollars since June 30, keeping pace with our opponent during that period, even though he has close ties to deep-pocketed special interests.

Make no mistake about it: this is a competitive race - the most competitive race on the ballot - and we are in a great position to win on Tuesday, November 7.

All told, we have already raised more than $2.3 million, a staggering sum for this race. But while we have kept pace with our opponent since June 30, we invested nearly $350,000 of that amount in the run-off. We won the run-off in resounding fashion, winning 62 percent of the vote and winning 118 counties across the state. Our opponent faced only one opponent in the Republican primary, so a run-off in his primary was unnecessary.

Please consider
contributing $250, $100, or $50 today, so that we may continue to build the resources we need to spread our message to the voters.

Jim is the only candidate for Lieutenant Governor who has a record of leadership and accomplishment extending 35 years. And as a Vietnam veteran, a church elder, and a proud father and grandfather, no one shares Georgians' values more than Jim does.

Jim believes that we need to stand up for what is right, even when it is not easy. With your help, our support will only grow stronger as the voters learn more about Jim in the coming weeks.

Thanks so much,

Jay Martin, Campaign Manager

Jim for Georgia
PO Box 9019
Atlanta, GA

As has been well publicized, Cagle brought in Sen. John McCain a few days ago to help him raise money. With Cagle bringing in such a big gun, maybe he's worried about the election?

If your values are "progressive" values, then please help elect Jim Martin as Georgia's next Lt. Gov.


Rocky said...

Do you think it's a slap in Taylor's face to say Make no mistake about it: this is a competitive race - the most competitive race on the ballot?

Button Gwinnett said...

Rocky, I don't think so. During the runoff there were quite a few conservative Democrats that worked against Martin by saying that having him on the ballot would doom Taylor and other Democrats.
Some people bought into that and maybe haven't recognized how close this race is.

I think Jay is trying to convince those people that we DO have a chance of winning this race, IF we can get some help from them.

It's easy to ignore the Lt. Gov. race if the sitting governor is in your party. But we no longer have that luxury.

Most people seem to get the impression that Shirley Franklin's ambitions lay in D.C. Winning this race could be key in making sure that we have a viable candidate for governor in 2010, should Taylor lose to Perdue.