Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Peachtree Screed Weighs in on Harry Potter in Gwinnett Co.

I haven't blogged about the "to ban or not to ban" debate going on in my home county of Gwinnett. Frankly, every time I see Laura Mallory trying to impose her religion and beliefs on everyone else and ultimately discourage literacy amongst pre teens and teens, I just shake my head.

Being raised as a southern Baptist, I probably could match Ms. Mallory, prayer meeting for prayer meeting and revival for revival. But if she's really concerned that Harry Potter books promote Wicca and encourage impressionable children to dabble in it, then I think she's in serious need of a life.

Sometimes people need to find their own way. Her kids are probably going to question things as they get older. That's a perfectly healthy thing to do in my opinion. If she's done as good of a job as she thinks she should do as a parent, then I'm not sure why she would be concerned about one of her own being corrupted.

Religious arguments aside, I do believe this: Harry Potter has gotten a lot of kids back to reading again instead of spending all of their free time watching television or playing some stupid video game.

Anyway, Doug Monroe of Peachtree Screed does a much better job of looking at the big picture than I can. Click the link and give it a read.

Hat tip to Cracker Squire, whose blog is where I learned about Peachtree Screed.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm a mother in Indiana and I am shocked that someone like Ms.Mallory is allowed to procreate. I think she is forgetting what country we live in. Perhaps she would fit in better with the other religious extremists in Iraq. Bring that up and see what kind of reaction you get. That's how she's acting. She is the reason white people have the reputation we do. I'm ashamed to be in the same race as her.