Friday, October 27, 2006

Atlanta Press Club Debates Schedule

For those interested, we'll be seeing and hearing a fair amount of debate coverage for Georgia's general election races from here on out. The debates crank up in earnest beginning this Sunday. Click here for the schedule.

Previous debates involving general election races are archived at the Atlanta Press Club website and can be viewed. I found the debate for Attorney General between Thurbert Baker and Perry McGuire to be very interesting. Looks like being "Mr. Chik-fil-A" and "the hand of God" doesn't necessrily qualify one to be Georgia's AG.

Who knew?


Jon said...

I've got a soft spot for Tommy in the ag race. The guy still has it all pulled together. It's clear Tommy is in command of the issues, and try as Gary Black might, this race will not be competitive.

If the gov race has this format I will be disappointed. 1 minute answer, 30 sec response, is a terrible debate format (if you can really even call it a debate).

ET said...

I just watched the debate, which I am sure you did too. I think when Sonny "hated to bring up" people who, under the influence of drugs, having tragic wrecks. Of course, Sonny had a target in mind when "he hated to bring it up" - I think that kick below the belt will cost him.... I hope so, anyway.

Button Gwinnett said...

Jon, I have a soft spot for Tommy as well. I remember being in 4-H and going to Rock Eagle sometime around the 5th grade and he came to the camp.

Gary's got a ton of signs all over south GA. I'm not sure if that will translate into enough votes to beat Tommy. I'm hoping that metro Atlanta voters don't skip this race on their ballot.

Eddie, I'm disappointed too. When I watch these two debate, I feel like I'm watching a bad "Yo Mamma" episode on MTV. ;-)

But yes I do think Sonny's mouth may yet get him into trouble. Maybe he's just better as campaigning as the challenger instead of the statesmanlike incumbent?