Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Runoff Tuesday

Runoffs in Georgia rarely mean long lines at the polls. They certainly won't today. I didn't even bother to early vote this time. I'll be heading down around lunch to cast my vote.

As I scanned Georgia News Digest, I found several articles about today's runoff from around the state. But most of them focused on local races or the Republican runoff between Handel and Stephens for Secretary of State.

But make no mistake about it, Democrats have reasons to return to the polls today too. Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, and Congressional District 4 (among others) are still up for grabs.

As if I wouldn't remember, Mayor Franklin gave me a call at home last night asking me to vote for Jim Martin. You see, we're tight like that! ;-) Okay, okay, it was the same robocall you got. Not to be left out, a friend of mine supporting Greg Hecht told me she got a call from Ms. Steen.

So don't find reasons not to go. Whoever you favor in any of the races, do the right thing and vote. You do get a sticker after all!



Steve said...

Hey some turnout here! At 8:30 I was the 8th Democrat to vote. Now thats voting power! So, I can say with 100% certainty that at 8:30 at least 12% of my precinct was completely in the Hicks and Hecht column.


Button Gwinnett said...

Yeah Steve, from your blog I've read about your long and powerful reach into politics - even into other states!! I'm impressed! ;-)

ET said...

I did the wrong thing. I have no excuse.

Button Gwinnett said...

And for that ET, you should be summarily flogged! ;-)

Don't worry, as with any other runoff, I'm sure you're in good company as I'm sure the turnout will be really, really bad. Someone blogged the other day about disposing of runoffs. I wish I had linked it because I think there's some merit to the argument. Or at least changing the way we do some things.

ET said...

I think in some states you don't need a majority to be the party's candidate, just the one with the most votes.