Thursday, August 24, 2006

Brokeback Walmart

The National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce has announced a partnership with Walmart. Apparently, they want an infusion of gay shoppers. Although their spokesperson said that gays are already a "significant" constituency. I know several of them, including a certain power lesbian. Don't worry I'm not naming names. ;-)

The retail giant is taking shots from the left and the right on this one. Conservative groups say that this will backfire on Walmart in small towns. And some progressives won't be happy to see some of their allies canoodling with a huge company that hardly offers benefits to its straight workers, much less domestic partner benefits.

No matter where you stand on the Walmart issue, the ensuing marketing for this should be priceless!! Any ideas? ;-)

Marilyn Geewax has the story for the AJC.


Rocky said...

I read the article in today's paper and wondered "how is this any different than Walmart's marketing efforts aimed at the Hispanic community?". That effort clearly hasn't backfired for Walmart on "Main Street". Will this?

Call me crazy, but I doubt Walmart will be marketing to the LBGT audience in south Georgia. The efforts are going to be concentrated on urban areas, and the small towners aren't going to be exposed to this marketing that often.

I'm waiting for the day I see a Walmart billboard on the corner of 10th and Piedmont. That will be funny.

Button Gwinnett said...

I think you're right Rocky. I won't be looking for such things either. Might be interesting in other parts of the country though.