Friday, August 18, 2006

From the WTF File: Chip Rogers Criticizes Mark Taylor On Immigration?

Republican state senator Chip Rogers, the sponsor of Georgia's new immigration law, says that Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor wasn't helpful enough in getting his bill passed. For some reason, the Pubs have decided to label Taylor as weak on immigration. Well, I suppose that might depend on one's point of view on the issue. But months ago, Mark Taylor stated that, as governor, he would've signed Rogers' bill.

From the AJC:

In an interview after the news conference, Rogers said Taylor also did not attempt to contact him about the legislation. In contrast, Rogers said, Republican Gov. Sonny Perdue worked with him on the bill.

"We would have liked to have seen the lieutenant governor stand out front with us on this issue as the governor did," Rogers said.Both chambers of the General Assembly are run by Republicans, and, because of this, the GOP governor has had a much easier time the past two years getting his legislation passed. By contrast, Taylor's proposals have been largely ignored.

Still, Taylor said Thursday that he supported Rogers' bill.

"As governor, I would have signed Senate Bill 529," he said. "I believe it was all that Georgia could do to try to help what is clearly a federal issue.

The news conference was timed to coincide with a Georgia Republican Party ad that claims Perdue "passed the nation's toughest illegal immigration law." "Governor Perdue strengthened citizenship verification for taxpayer funded services, supported and signed the nation's toughest illegal immigration bill, and sent voluntary Georgia National Guard troops to help secure the border with Mexico," Perdue campaign spokesman Derrick Dickey said. "Georgia needed a governor to show leadership on this important issue, and Sonny did."

Bobby Kahn, chairman of Georgia's Democratic Party, said, "Governor Perdue's record on illegal immigration is like his record on so many other issues --- he uses TV ads and press releases to try to create the illusion of action, but he certainly hasn't shown any real leadership. When asked who fails the leadership test on the real issues facing Georgia families, there's only one response: Sonny did."


Steve said...

I guess thats what happens when you try to work with them.

Tina said...

Haven't heard of anyone going after the employers of illegals. Pulling some business licenses and slapping some employers with fines
would be a sensible corrective action. The employers are the reason the illegals are here in the first place.