Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Gwinnett County Commission just doesn't pay enough for this

The district 4 runoff between incumbent Kevin Kenerly and challenger Jodie Rosser gets murkier and murkier as evidenced by this Gwinnett Daily Post article:

Kenerly foe to meet with Porter today
By Camie Young,
Staff Writer

LAWRENCEVILLE - A political candidate will meet the district attorney today about alleged improprieties.

Jodie Rosser, who faces incumbent Kevin Kenerly in a runoff next week for the District 4 county commission seat, has been asked to meet District Attorney Danny Porter this morning, her husband Marcus said in a voice mail.

Jodie Rosser did not return repeated phone calls. "We believe this is politically motivated," Marcus Rosser said.

Porter said he would comment on Rosser and possibly other operatives today.

He would not confirm or deny if the grand jury, which met Wednesday, considered any wrongdoing by politicians. He said reporters could not see the indictments. Indictments are public documents, but Porter explained, in general, that indictments can be sealed to complete an investigation.

While the reason for the meeting with Porter is unknown, the District 4 race has had its share of political controversies.

Before the July 18 vote, DVDs of Kenerly during a gambling trip to Las Vegas were distributed to the media and then to the electorate, mailed to registered voters.

The Web site that was listed as a return address on the envelopes, and the phone number of the person who registered the domain was linked to political operative Bill McKinney, but he has denied any involvement.

McKinney, who is a former business partner of Chairman Charles Bannister, said he has not met with the DA and has not been asked to."I read on the Internet that I'm being indicted like I robbed a bank," he said. "I'm disgusted with it."

Kenerly said he never spoke to the DA about the DVDs, but he did believe that the anonymous campaign, which also included mailers and roadside signs, is illegal.

He talked about the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, which campaigned against John Kerry during the 2004 presidential election, registering as a political action committee and disclosing its actions.

But the DVD attack, which he blames on McKinney, was anonymous. "They sent it trying to distort the facts, and they spent thousands and thousands of dollars to sway an election," Kenerly said. "Hopefully some facts will come out."

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