Sunday, August 27, 2006

AL Democratic Executive Committee Rights a Wrong

Patricia Todd has, once again, been declared the victor in the Alabama Democratic primary for House District 54. Her quest to become that state's first openly gay legislator lives on. Todd received the most votes in the primary election, and then again in the runoff vs. Gaynell Hendricks. Now, a party executive committee has overuled an earlier ruling by a subcommittee to disqualify both Todd and Hendricks for failing to file a financial disclosure report with the party chairman and reinstated Todd's wins at the polls.

"Selective prosecution has been done to black people more than anyone else in this state," Holmes said. "Unless someone can show me the 59 more votes Ms. Todd received were illegal, there's no way you can deny her victory."

-Alabama State Rep. Alvin Holmes

This has been a contentious race with both sexual and racial undertones. Perhaps now that justice has been delivered, the Democratic Party of Alabama can come together for what will be an equally tough battle for them this general election season, as it will be for our Democrats in Georgia.

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