Thursday, August 10, 2006

Middle and Rural Georgia to be Key Battlegrounds

The AJC looks at the lineup of Dems and Pubs for the state's constitutional offices. And their article inlcudes this opinion from Emory University political professor, Merle Black:

"Black said Georgia's larger cities will likely go Democratic, the suburbs and exurbs will likely lean Republican, and the real battle will take place in the small towns and rural areas in central and South Georgia.

"That will be the critical area for this election," Black said."

It's certainly noteworthy to point out that the two candidates for Governor are from these areas. Gov. Perdue is from Bonnaire in middle Georgia, while Mark Taylor is from Albany. Because of Taylor's high profile involvement, this is a prime opportunity for the Democrats to flex their muscle in south Georgia, just to remind folks that they still can. Taylor is a supporter of economic expansion in south Georgia. He also supports protecting HOPE and fully funding schools - each year, not just during election years. Those are the kinds of issues that even rural Georgians trending Republican can and will vote for.


The AJC didn't mention the Libertarian Party or its candidates. And I didn't mention them earlier in my last thread. So for those interested and curious, you can click here to do some independent research. I'll mention their candidates from time to time this fall.


ET said...

It would be interesting if the old County Unit System was still in existence.
I suspect if it was, Sonny would be be the winner.

Steve said...

You cant get much more rural than our county and it is redder than hell. Bush beat JK up here 71-29% oooohhhh it was cold and lonely!