Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Evangelical Nancy Schaefer Joins Hands with Scientology?

Wow, Georgia state Senator Nancy Schaefer appeared at a ribbon cutting event in Atlanta for an exhibition sponsored by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR). A human rights organization? Sounds good right?

CCHR happens to be a group sponsored by the Church of Scientology that labels psychiatry "an industry of death." According to the Savannah Morning News article that I linked, Schaefer's also listed by CCHR as being a member of their board of advisors, which Schaefer denies.

My first exposure to CCHR was about 10 years ago when the group started an aggressive P.R. campaign to influence county and municipal agencies, and to boost their profile with officials that worked with mental health experts and facilities. Their stated goal was to influence these officials to seek routes (totally disregarding the restrictions of state law) other than county mental health departments and hospitals for people suffering with mental health problems. CCHR's literature didn't suggest other routes. But they offered to provide Church of Scientology brochures and books for free.

So isn't it strange that such a staunch evangical Christian, who is probably on the front row pew each time her church open its doors, would join a Scientology group?

In the past Schaefer has advocated doing away with mental health screening in public schools. She's also been an aggressive opponent of gay-straight alliances in public schools. Thanks to sanctimonious people like Nancy, many Georgia teens questioning or curious about their sexuality probably need the very psychiatric services that she purports to be against. Ironic huh?

By the way no offense to Scientologists, espcially Corin Nemec. I'm not worried about Scientology's potential influence on Nancy Schaefer. I'm more worried about Nancy Schaefer's influence on Scientology. ;-)

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Tina said...

See my mental health advocacy website for some news on the sad state of georgia's MH delivery system.