Wednesday, August 02, 2006

HD 136 Candidate Beth Perera Via Georgia Dem. Women's Grapevine

Beth Perera sends Tina, over at GDWG, this note on the Tifton Bioenergy Conference.........

Hi Tina,

Yesterday's conference was attended by about 500 people. Opened by Sonny Perdue, and then filled with expert after expert offering advice and opinions and data on the biodiesel and ethanol future of GA. The bottom line is that we as a State have the capability to produce, process, and consume bio fuel locally, regionally and we also have the capability to produce these products for export to other states. This can truly be our agribusiness and distribution business (railroad, trucking) and investors' dream. Not only will we be fueling our own economy in GA, but also being a critical part of the solution to reducing/ending our reliance on foreign oil and curbing GHG (Green House Gas) effects. WE HAVE TO..... this is not a matter of "if," this is a matter of how quickly can we get the ball rolling.

Very exciting indeed! I was thrilled to be a part of this Conference, and only disappointed that I could attend only 1 of the three days. House Rep candidates Ron Bass and John Tibbetts are there attending all 3 days. I believe it is the civic duty of all government leaders to educate themselves to the greatest extent possible on this subject.

Beth Perera
Candidate for HD 136

Make sure and click the link to Tina's site. She has some great pics over there.

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