Wednesday, August 09, 2006

November Fight Card is Set

Now that the primary runoff is behind us, we now know who the candidates will be for the two major parties in the state's constitutional offices. Hopefully we'll see some good, hard-hitting, issue-heavy contests with few low blows.

Most of these candidates are all battle tested and bearing a few scars. Here are some of the state's main card fights:

The blue corner features the hard-hitting Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor bidding to step up to the top spot. But it also includes Jim Martin, a finesse guy in the Lt. Gov. race that uses his guile and speed to great effectiveness. We have a female contestant in Gail Buckner that emerged out of no where and fought her way out of the crowd in front of a state-wide audience to challenge for Secretary of State. Next up is Thurbert Baker, the solid veteran incumbent aiming to remain Georgia's Attorney General. And last, but certainly not least, is the longest serving statewide incumbent in the nation, Tommy Irvin. He's seen them all before, and won't go down without a fight as Agriculture Commissioner.

Fighting out of the red corner will be Georgia's current governor and low blow artist, Sonny Perdue. Joining him for Lt. Gov. is the wild-eyed (what's up with that look?) Casey Cagle, slayer of Ralph the Mouth. Next up is possibly one of the brightest of red stars, the contentious candidate for Secretary of State, Karen Handel. She ducks, weaves, and bobs questionaires as good as anyone in Georgia politics. Bidding to paint the Attorney General's office red is "Pious Perry" McGuire whose ignorance (gays do not = pedophiles) knows no bounds. And bringing up the rear for Agriculture Commissioner is the Uber-farmer Gary Black.

Now is the time to unite and look forward to the challenges ahead. In the coming months, we'll soon see who has the right stuff to steer the state towards a better future. Look for most of them to spend some time fund raising and reminding voters of what they stand for. But eventually, they'll all come out swinging.


Steve said...

Where are the libertarians? they have good candidates for sec of ed and Lt Guv.

Button Gwinnett said...

Steve, I guess brushing up on those candidates will be my homework assignment. I know they nominate their candidates by convention. So I'm guessing that's already happened?

Steve said...

Well, I doubt they had any competition!

I decided in the spring I was going to vote for one of those suckers to lodge a protest against the Democrats quivering in the face of all the wiretapping that was going on. I may vote for one of the two aforementioned. Georgia Uniflitered has links up, I just don’t like the Governor candidate too well and taylor has grown on me.

Tina said...

I'm trying to publicize all our Dem candidates from Rabun Gap to Tybee Light. See pix from the very spirited GADCC banquet(8-12-06 in Macon) at