Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A Few Doughnuts Never Hurt a Poll Worker

Back in my home county, the election superintendent used to bring doughnuts around to her poll workers at the various voting precincts. I thought that was a tradition worthy of continuing. After all, when we hear about poll workers it's almost always for something that goes wrong, whether it be their fault or not. But largely, the day of a poll worker is long and thankless. So I decided to bring some doughnuts with me as I went to vote today.

I beat my way through the crowd (sarcasm) and opened the door to find 6 smiling faces all looking at me at once and saying "Hi!" in unison. For just a moment, I had a little deja vu as I thought back to a similar reception I got at the Dog and Gun mens' club in a rural Florida town about 10 years ago. But I digress.........

My business was conducted smoothly and without any hickups. I worked my way through all TWO races on my ballot and turned my voter card in.

As the poll workers knoshed on their appreciated doughnuts, I learned about one lady's daughter's impending divorce. And I was told by another that today is her husband's birthday, for which he got a coupon for a free massage. She went on to tell me that he said he was afraid to use it as he had fears of "rising" to the occasion at the wrong time and place. Okay, I never claimed to have the classiest of conversations at voting precincts! But all in all, it was nice to make someone's day.

Oh well, just another slow Georgia runoff involving voter #14.


ET said...

Good for you!
After I retired I was a poll worker for two elections. Being a poll worker is one of those thankless jobs so I am sure they much appreciated the donuts.

Steve said...

Wifey was number 51 at about 5 PM.