Friday, November 03, 2006

Reality Check Analysis Sets the Record Straight on Huntstein/Wiggins Ads

Using an Albany Law Review study, Daily Report's analysis of facts alleged in the respective ads, and affadavits and court records, the AJC's Reality Check series clears the picture on charges made by both the Hunstein and Wiggins campaigns about each candidate.

Amongst the highlights of the article, the results of an analysis of Justice Carol Hunstein's record drastically conflicts with the charges of the Wiggins campaign and the Safety and Prosperity Coalition that Hunstein is "soft on crime" and "legislates from the bench." The article cites an Albany Law Review study that reveals that Hunstein "voted in favor of the prosectution in 24 of 31 (death penalty) cases studied."

The article says that the study goes as far as to say that Hunstein has "one of the most conservative voting records on the Court."

Meanwhile, on Hunstein's claims that Wiggins has never tried a case, the AJC requested a list of cases in which Wiggins has tried. The campaign failed to provide them with such a list.

Wiggins has always answered this charge with his record as an attorney. The paper confirmed that they found "several cases" in which his name appears as counsel, including one case that went before the Georgia Court of Appeals. But as the article points out, "appellate work is different from trial work."

In short, I'm left with the impression that Wiggins, the Republican Party, the Safety and Prosperity Coalition, and the American Justice Partnership have spent millions of dollars on advertising that distorts Justice Hunstein's record.

I know people that like Mike Wiggins and claim that he's a nice guy. I hope that's all true. But based on a comparison of records and on false advertising by and for Wiggins, Justice Hunstein deserves to win this race.

Case closed.

To read the article by Jill Young Miller and Bill Rankin, click here.

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