Monday, November 06, 2006

Jim Martin and Casey Cagle Offer Different Futures

Bring up Jim's name to people and you'll almost always get a good response. Those that know his record and reputation always have good things to say about him. Even Republicans find it hard to say anything negative about him. That's because Jim Martin represents the kind of people that we want in public service. He's a dying breed that we just can't afford to lose. He graces us with his decency and integrity. And in a world where even the least cynical of us will doubt what our politicians say, you can take what Jim has to say to the bank.

Lately though, it seems that Casey Cagle and his supporters have had to come up with something bad to say about him. So they resort to using the "liberal" tag. C'mon Casey, that's almost too easy. Surely you can do better than that. When the best reason that you can use to tell the voters of Georgia not to vote for your opponent is "he's too liberal," what that really says is that you don't have any good reasons at all.

It's not about "liberal" or "conservative." It's about putting everyday, average Georgians first. It's about helping those in need. Not just with handouts and temporary solutions, but with effective policies that give everyone the same opportunities for permanent changes in order to enjoy a good quality of life. You know, do for everyone what Casey does for his friends in banking and big business.

And Jim has shown us during this election season how Georgia Democrats should campaign. Instead of playing to polls, he's showing Georgians how our values and our beliefs are in their best interests. It's all about starting with what we have in common and working our way down. The same Jim Martin that ran in the primary, is still the same Jim Martin that's running in the general election. That's an honest way of doing things that builds trust.

I don't hate Casey Cagle. But I don't think we should reward him with a step up. Upon his election as Georgia's next Lt. Governor, I can guarantee you one thing. You WILL see the Republican majority in the legislature restore powers previously held by past Lt. Governors. It will become a powerful position again that's used to further partisan domination. And unless you like what power-hungry Republican leadership has done to this state and nation, I don't think that's something you'll want to see.

Jim's message of better access to healthcare for everyone via solid ideas like purchasing pools for small businesses, an education system with an improved curriculum and better classroom conditions for both students and teachers, and aggressive plans to ensure solid relationships with strong businesses that will provide good jobs for Georgians, should be music to our ears.

Sometimes I hear people say "well what does this race matter anyway?" Or "what can the Lt. Gov. actually do?" In answer to those questions, I say look at Jim's ability to work with all people - Republican and Democrat. As an administrator, he served under both Roy Barnes and Sonny Perdue. He's the consumate politician than can work with anyone. That's the kind of guy that actually gets things done. And that's the kind of guy we need.

On Tuesday, the choice is clear: continued partisan domination by a party that has shown, especially during this election year, a willingness to put their special interests over the very people who pay their salaries. Or, a strong advocate that will provide a balance of power that will force the other side to work with everyone.

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