Thursday, November 02, 2006

Polls, Polls, Polls and My Personal Ramblings

AJC's Political Insider has the latest rundown on multiple polls concerning Georgia's gubernatorial race between Perdue and Taylor. All show Perdue with a sizeable lead still. But two polls, Zogby and Insider Advantage, show at Perdue just under 50% - which if that result bears true on Tuesday would mean a runoff.

In the different poli sci, critical thinking, and upper level math classes that I took, I was always fascinated by polling theory and methods. Maybe I should have gotten into that line of work?

Not that there's any drastic differences in the poll results, but in these last few critical days of the general election, it's hard to know which poll to put more stock in. Although most of my life, I think I've always been told to trust Mason-Dixon.

Click the link to Political Insider for the various results, including Strategic Vision's results for down ballot races.

Also, I early voted in Lawrenceville yesterday and spoke briefly with Lynn Ledford, Gwinnett's Election Super. She said that voting at her office and the two satellite offices in Snellville and Norcross has been extremely brisk. Early voting is still somewhat new. But each time it seems that a lot of people enjoy taking advantage of it.

As a former election super. myself, I've voted at my home precinct, by absentee, and now by early voting since moving here. I tend to notice things and critique them to myself. Lynn and her staff are doing a great job in what's surely one of the more difficult and complex counties to manage on election day.

Although she was quick to tell me that I had gotten out just in time, I think the changes in elections are great despite the hardships of adjusting to so much change. The strain and the pressures of having to learn and then train so many others can take its toll.

These are exciting times to be working in elections. And I do miss it. With that said, I am enjoying the new found freedom that I have in expressing my views and supporting the candidates of my choice - something that I hadn't really had the chance to do since Dec. of 1992.


ET said...

When I think of the accuracy of polls I think of front page of The Chicago Tribune, with Truman holding up the front page the day after the election stating DEWEY WINS!
Regardless of who says what, you don't really know until its over and has been counted...and sometimes recounted.
Sometimes just the wrong blunder or statement can sent somebody on their way up into a tail spin.

Button Gwinnett said...

Very good point! After all the only poll that really counts is the one tallied on election day.

Tina said...

I think tomorrow's results will have some surprises for all. If Perdue wins, as predicted by many, I bet it will not be with the "mandate" expected. There will be a message sent by the voters.