Friday, November 17, 2006

PSC David Burgess Needs Your Help Dec. 5th

As much as I would like to simply put this year's elections behind me, a good friend of Georgia's, Public Service Commissioner David Burgess, needs our help.

This is from an email that he sent out to Democratic volunteers and supporters:

"And your work got me the most votes in the Public Service Commission race—even more than my well-funded Republican opponent. But the presence of a third candidate has forced a runoff election for December 5, 2006. So now I need you once more.

I am the lone Democrat on the Public Service Commission. Georgians have felt the pain of spiked natural gas and electric prices, and without the voice of Democrats, we will hand over the Public Service Commission to big natural gas and the power industry. If we learned anything from last year’s record natural gas prices, it’s that we must fight for every seat on the Public Service Commission. We owe it to our fellow Georgians."

David needs our vote and any other support that we can offer. Please consider doing so today. And please remember to cast your vote in the runoff election on Dec. 5th.

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