Friday, November 03, 2006

A Gubernatorial Runoff Just Might Change Some Thinking

In the Perdue/Taylor battle, Democrats have been wondering why Sonny's land deals and tax breaks haven't been hurting him more in the polls. Jon Flack of Peach Pulpit tells us why.

"The one thing I have worried about with Taylor's focus on the land deals is that it's an abstract concept that most average Georgians can't really relate to. It doesn't effect them in any overt or daily sense, and just feeds the cynicism that most people associate with all politicians. Yeah, he is a little crooked, but aren't they all?"

A Democratic leader in Forsyth County, that Jon is a brave guy. I live just across the river from him. And as red as Gwinnett seems, Forsyth is ruby red.

But Jon's a smart and insightful guy too. And I think his hunter analogy is a good way to illustrate the very good point that he makes.

The Disneygate ads have been running now for weeks. So, in this line of thinking, I hope over the last few days that we see more ads about Peach Kids than Disneygate.

Sonny's probably going to outpoll Mark by somewhere between 7 and 9 points next Tuesday. But the ole land mogul might not get the 50% + 1 majority that he's hoping for to avoid a runoff.

Due to recent changes in Georgia election law, Georgians aren't used to seeing an incumbent governor forced into a runoff. If this does go to a runoff, enough people may start to change their way of thinking. Maybe they'll step up to that machine and start to seriously think to themselves about why this incumbent finds himself in a runoff.

It's the only realistic hope there is to unseat Perdue.


Jon said...

You are far too kind...

Button Gwinnett said...

I call's em as I sees 'em.


Steve said...

Well, I hope it happens, but i wouldnt hold my breath.

Tina said...

Considering the current political climate, I am prepared for some surprises,both positive and negative. This may not a good year to try to make predictions !!
Remember how Barnes was ahead in the polls and then Sonny won ? Hey, I'm old enough to remember Dewey and Truman !!

Steve said...

What happened in the debate that Sonny ditched?

Button Gwinnett said...

Steve, according to a post I saw on Peach Pundit, Sonny skipped a WXIA forum rather than one of the debates. I did watch the debate last night. But I didn't see that forum, which was likely a predetermined Q&A series. Sorry about the confusion.