Thursday, July 06, 2006

What is John Bolton smoking?

Let me get this straight.........U.S. UN ambassador John Bolton thinks the fact that North Korea is testing more missiles is a victory for Bush diplomacy?!!!!

Well, that's what he said. Of course that's just spin. I wonder if he actually said that with a straight face?

No, it's more likely as former Sec. of State Madeleine Albright said the other day. The fact that North Korea is test firing missiles is a "failure of Bush diplomacy." She went on to suggest that Kim Jong Il is likely just following the clues that the Bush administration is leaving in its "pre-emptive strike policy" towards rogue nations. Those that have nuclear weapons and the ability to strike us from long range don't get invaded. But those that do not possess nuclear weapons and cannot strike us from a distance do. Is it any wonder why the Iranians and North Koreans haven't given up their nuclear ambitions?

Either way, how can anyone in the Bush administration face the news media and call North Korea's saber rattling a testimony to Bush diplomacy? As we've seen from the recent past, "Bush diplomacy" is an oxy-moron. And I don't care how you spin it. The missile firings were not good news for Asia nor for the U.S.

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