Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A report on the Jack Carter campaign in Nevada

Myrna the Minx (doesn't she sound sexy?!) gives a personal report after meeting U. S. Senate candidate, Jack Carter on the Nevada campaign trail on her blog, Reno and Its Discontents.

Apparently, Jack makes a good impression on those that meet him in person. But because of his relatively new status as a Nevadan, the son of Pres. Jimmy Carter and native of Georgia, is having to overcome the "carpetbagger" tag. I suppose that's understandable. But I'm hoping that Nevada progressives will be supportive of his efforts to try and oust their Republican junior senator, John Ensign.

Myrna's blog is a nice. So if this topic interests you, mosey on over and give it a peek.


Jack himself has a great looking website that's frequently updated by his daughter, Sarah. Jack is trailing in both the polls and contributions. But I do like Jack's innovative use of the social network, MySpace. And I like his stance on the issues. He basically holds Ensign accountable for being a Bush lapdog, just as Sonny Perdue is here in Georgia.


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