Sunday, July 09, 2006

"Bizarro" Kathy and the anti-education Governor

Georgia's State School Superintendent, "Bizarro" Kathy Cox, (not to be confused with the good Cathy Cox) from some backward, alternate world, has served these last 4 years with distinction. In her time in office, Georgia's school dropout rate has gone over 40%. After promising to improve Georgia education, our state continues to lag behind the rest of the nation with last or near last rankings in most statistical categories. Considering we're in the top 10 in population and the amount of prominent business and industry that the state attracts, Georgia has no business being ranked so low in education.

Last night, during her debate with fellow Republican, Danny Carter, Bizarro says that she and Sonny Perdue, the anti-education governor, have revamped the curriculum. When asked about her attempt to remove the word "evolution" from Georgia public school text books, she said that her actions sparked good conversation about the subject and improved the overall science curriculum. Gee Bizarro, maybe you should have text books state that the world is flat and see what great innovations that conversation inspires! Because that would be as equally dumb as your anti-evolution, anti-education tactics were.

During the debate, Bizarro kept referring to the governor. I think that's appropriate considering that Gov. Perdue has been her partner in crime in making Georgia's quality of public school education worse. Perdue, the man from Bonaire, came into office with 51 underfunded, rural school districts launching a lawsuit against the state because they weren't receiving enough money from the state to furnish all basic components of a quality education. What has been the anti-education governor's response? He's cut education budgets and heaped more unfunded mandates on school districts. Just where does that leave those 51 rural school districts? S.O.L. - that's where. And now the state has hired attack dog lawyers to try and intimidate the rural 51 into dropping their lawsuit.

Congratulations to the not-so dynamic anti-education duo! You've left a definite mark on education in Georgia.

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