Friday, July 07, 2006

I feel like buying a book from Outwrite, how about you?

I have a feeling that some friends and I will be making the trek into Midtown to visit Outwrite Books this Saturday morning. You see, according to Dyana Bagby at Sovo, a group of "street preachers" have been protesting outside that store each of the past 3 Saturday mornings. And they say they're coming back.

We all know the joys of having those righteous ones who live ever so purely and without any sin tell us what we're doing is wrong and that we'll be spending our eternity in the firey pits of Hell. We should all strive to live a little more like they do in their perfect world where hate against certain groups of people is actually a virtue. Lordy, lordy we should all remind ourselves every day that the same book (that we're supposed to take literally word-for-word) that condemns gay people also has been used by zealots to cast women and people of color as cursed creatures and being racked with sin. And let's not forget that if you're a slave, you should be a good one. (rolling my eyes)

I am not anti-Christianity or anti any religion. But I am for common sense. The sad part about it is that these "street preachers" probably couldn't tell you much about the background of the King James version Bible, nor the history of the books written therein. They think their faith is a powerful faith. But I would say any faith that encourages hate and discrimination against any group of people is nothing more than blind faith and a sorry excuse for ignorance.

Everyone that knows me knows of my love and appreciation of books. And it's been entirely too long since I've visited Outwrite Books. Maybe Saturday morning would be the perfect time to patronize the business of good, decent people.


MelGX said...

Button, sweetie...are we having a little trouble getting the leftyblog feed into the template? If you need some help, just let me know.

Tina said...

Condemning others, such as gay people, is really a cheap and easy form of "righteousness" compared with true efforts to benefit mankind and relieve suffering.

Button Gwinnett said...

I agree Tina. If he were alive today, I don't think Jesus would be picketing outside of a bookstore. I suspect he'd be amongst those that need him most, comforting them and alleviating their suffering.

ohyurkidding said...

I'm sorry they have decided to target Outwrite. Unfortunately these groups have a lot meore people to show up than we do.

I sit outside an Women's Health provider every staturday to "escort" women into the clinic and to attempt to shield them from the screaming, praying, and leftlet street preachers.

The women and men going into the clinic are not prepared for this kind of verbal and visual abuse.

The sad fact is, that they are far better organized then my little group.

We've been there since early 2004, so be prepared to street counter protest for the long haul.

Button Gwinnett said...

Ohyurkidding, you definitely have a tough job. But thank you for doing it! You've just cited another example of how religious fundamentalism of any kind is harmful.

As the line from that song that I can't remember the title of went, "God forbid you had to walk a mile in her shoes....."