Thursday, July 20, 2006

So you're happy Casey Cagle won?

Okay, I am too. It's always nice to see Ralphie boy get a kick square in the butt. And, I too hope that will be the end of Ralph Reed's temptations of running for elective office. The further away from Georgia politics that he stays, the better for Georgians.

But now Casey Cagle (a/k/a Ralph Reed without the Christian Coalition resume) is the man to beat. His win over Reed was impressive. After the first debate, many of the Peach Pundit folks were pronouncing Cagle DOA. Turns out, it was Reed that was road kill, losing by a whopping 12%. His was one of the earliest concessions I can ever remember.

Unfortunately, we still have to decide our candidate for Lt. Gov. in a runoff, thanks probably to the prop up candidacy of Steen Miles. I had a hard time choosing between Jim Martin and Greg Hecht, going back and forth over who I thought would make the better Lt. Gov. But I liked Martin in the debates, and I voted against the negative tone that Hecht needlessly introduced to the race.

I like what Hecht has to say about transportation and alternative fuels. If he sticks to the issues, there's no reason why he can't lure some of the supporters of the defeated candidates. I don't think I've ever changed my vote from one candidate to another during a runoff. And I genuinely like Jim Martin. But for now, I'll just say that I'm anxiously looking forward to the chance to helping the winner against a Casey Cagle who was barely a better alternative to the not-so-wonder boy, Reed.

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