Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Cathy Cox: The Lady Has Class

The votes have been counted; the verdict has been realized; and, with her husband Mark Dehler and her family at her side, Cathy Cox has graciously conceded to Mark Taylor. He will go on to represent us as Democrats in November against the Republican incumbent governor, Sonny Perdue. The voters preferred Taylor's message of HOPE, Pre K, Peachkids, and other initiatives that he's been a part of.

Cathy has asked her supporters to put aside our animosity and unite to defeat Perdue. If this is something that she can do, it's something that I can do. And it's just what you would expect from a leader of the standard of Cathy Cox. Now the task is to finish the job that we all started out trying to do as Democrats. And that's to return a Democrat to the governor's mansion.

But first things first. Cathy Cox has been our wonderful, able, and accomplished Secretary of State. Through years of working with her in different capacities, both official and unoffical, she's earned my friendship and loyalty. And that is something that she can count on. So whatever endeavors that you decide to undertake, Cathy, be it political or not, you'll have many friends upon which you can call on at any time.

Her concession speech was both emotional and inspiring. But it was also filled with her trademark humility. And because of her strength in defeat, we'll carry forward this campaign season.

All that I have left to say, is "Thank you, Cathy. And well done."

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