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Cathy Cox: What her endorsers have to say

Here are some excerpts from Cathy's wide array of endorsers, including several key civil rights leaders that came in this weekend. I'm not one for telling people how to vote. I'd rather they do their own research and figure things out for themsleves. But Cathy's support is both wide and varied..........

Rep. John White, from Taylor's hometown of Albany via Amy from Georgia Women Vote:

Hello, I'm Rep. John White of Albany. I represented Albany and Dougherty County in the State Legislature for over 20 Years. Today I am asking all Georgian's to Vote - Cathy Cox for Governor. I served in the Legislature with Cathy and Mark; and we must not trust Mark Taylor to lead this state for us. I was there in the Senate Chamber when Mark Taylor Insulted Georgia's Black Population. He preached from the well of the Senate; that "He was tried of paying for the sins of his Fathers and Forefathers", then he placed a plan before the senate that reduced Black voting strength which denied Many Black Voters the opportunity to elect candidates of choice to The Georgia Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives; now he has The nerve to ask Black voters to Reward Him with the Governor's Office. That's an Insult. I urge All Black voters to go to the polls on July 18th. And Vote For Cathy Cox. Cathy will be a great Breath of Fresh Air and the Positive voice that Georgia now Needs. She will make you proud that you voted for her. Thank You.

Cathy Cox for Governor: John White: Served in the Ga. House from 1974 to 1997 Tuesday July 18, is Election Day in Georgia.

Again, from Amy, Rev. Dr. Joseph Lowery makes an exception for Cox and gives a rare personal endorsement saying, "the exception was needed to set the record straight." And he goes on to say, "With all of the negative ads and rhetoric, the community needs to know the score."

From Rev. Lowery's fellow member of the Coalition for the People's Agenda, Rita Jackson Samuels says, "She is smarter and she is the only candidate with a vision for the future that will make our state better for all Georgians."

Helen Butler of Black Women's Think Tank and PAC says, "She (Cox) is, in my opinion, by far the best candidate."

From the Savannah Morning News:

Ms. Cox's foresight and innovation were rewarded by voters in 2002 when she was re-elected with 60 percent of the vote, garnering the second-highest ballot count in the state. That's a testament to her abilities as well as her character - voters across the political spectrum were comfortable with her bipartisan style as well as her record. That should appeal to Democrats who must pick a candidate who can beat Gov. Perdue in November................

Ms. Cox hasn't backed down; indeed, she shares responsibility for the escalating negativism. However, we believe her past accomplishments and proven appeal to a wide range of voters makes her the best Democrat to square off against Gov. Perdue in November.

From Cathy's hometown paper and former employer, the Post Searchlight:

The most important contest in Tuesday’s primary election is the race for governor on the Democratic ballot, and for voters in Decatur County, their Southwest Georgia neighbors and all Georgians, Cathy Cox is the best choice. She’s proved that she is a capable leader and administrator, not afraid to take personal risks for principle; she’s experienced and effective in the processes of practical politics; she understands the importance of a “Whole Georgia” concept that includes all parts of the state—metro and non-metro—in the allocation, access to and protection of resources; she’s owes no allegiance to the ingrained “old boy” network or kingmakers who transcend parties and administrations; she’s honest; she can and will hold her own in a tough fight; she loves and is dedicated to the people of this state; she puts principle above party, politics and pettiness; and she’s ours. Choose a Democratic ballot Tuesday and vote for Cathy Cox. It’s a vote for yourself and all Georgia—the best opportunity in 50 years.

The Macon Telegraph says:

Describing herself as an agent of change from "good ol' boy" politics, Cox has promoted ethics reform, use of farm-grown alternative fuels, more passengertrain service, training incentives for teachers, improved early childhoodeducation and using state tax credits to help Georgians put more money intoretirement accounts.

On balance, we endorse Cathy Cox on the basis ofher past efforts on behalf of consumers and voters and her potential to moveGeorgia government into new directions.

The Sierra Club of Georgia:

We're very excited to announce our endorsement of Cathy Cox for Governor in the Democratic primary on Tuesday, July 18th. There is no question that Governor Perdue needs to be defeated, and Cathy Cox is the candidate to do it. She is a dynamic leader with the best ideas to take Georgia forward, especially on environmental issues. We encourage every Sierra member to vote on July 18th for Cathy Cox and to volunteer to help her get elected.

From the Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys:

Cathy Cox is exactly the right candidate to lead Georgia forward,” said Deborah Poole, chairman of GABWA’s Political Action Committee. “She is a strong leader with great ideas for how to make the future brighter for all of Georgia’s citizens, and especially for women and children.”

Creative Loafing says:

We still believe that, once the campaign is over and the smoke clears, Cox will be the best person to lead the state of Georgia. She ran the secretary of state's office effectively and efficiently. She has demonstrated a commitment to reforming the state government and pushing for ethics reform. And she has a genuineness that is rare in politics, and that is even more noticeable when she's standing in a room next to the polished and borderline smarmy Taylor.

Being governor is about more than just getting elected. It's about representing the people. And we think Cathy Cox is the best person for the job.

Amongst Cox's other endorsers, she can count a majority of the Georgia House of Representatives as well as the majority of the Black Legislative Caucus, including their chairman, Rep. Stan Watson.

Whether you're a Cox supporter, Taylor supporter, or impartial obvserver, most everyone agrees that this year's elections are critical to the future of the Democratic party of Georgia and the state of Georgia as a whole. Only one candidate has clearly distinguished themselves as someone willing to work with everyone from all walks of life and of all political persuasions. That person is Cathy Cox.

As the minority party of the state of Georgia, that's what it's going to take to get things done today. Last night, Cathy reminded us of Taylor's inability to bring his biggest proposal of the season, PeachKids, to even a discussion (much less a vote) in the Republican controlled legislature. Healthcare for everyone is a great goal. But Taylor's plan doesn't seem to have much chance of succeeding. It's the only policiy proposal that his campaign has released. On the other hand, Cathy has a more sensible approach that will accomplish the same goals in healthcare. Plus she has several other proposals involving: education reform, transportation, public safety, ethics reform, government reform, as well as a popular plan on the table to make Georgia the farm-grown fuels capital of the world.

Cathy also reminded us that while Taylor says he agrees that there's been too many attack ads, he's the guy who slung the mud first, slug it the longest, and did so in a most dishonest way. Several of his attack ads have been called "grasping at straws" at best, and "lies and distortions" at worst. Pulitzer Prize winner, Randall Savage of WMAZ of Macon, Peter Toole of the Miller County Liberal and author of an article that Taylor used as a source, the Augusta Chronicle, the AJC "Reality Check" (3 times), and have all pointed out Taylor's inaccuracies.

While Cox isn't a perfect candidate, and I do disagree with her on a few things which I've stated, I still find myself where I was in Dec. of 2004 when she announced her candidacy. I can't speak for everyone else. But in my eyes, the choice is clear: 4 more years of Sonny Perdue, or a chance to take down another "big guy" down in November.

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