Thursday, July 20, 2006

Love and Light Karla!

Certainly one of the brightest spots Tuesday night was seeing Karla Drenner win re-election to her House seat, handily defeating Cynthia Tucker. Hopefully that sends the message that the voters of her district are just fine with Karla. No one else need apply. But, hey, it is America. The thing is, Karla's worked hard for us. And we're not going to forget her.

Juliana, from Blog for Democracy, had a nice little run down of Chuck Bowen's declaration of victory for Georgia Equality:

Georgia Equality endorsed 18 candidates and 14 either won or face a runoff. But it was the re-election of Karla Drenner by a wide margin that was considered the biggest win. “Our opponents threw everything they could at Karla and she not only survived, but she survived by a wide margin. Clearly, the voters in her district realized that she is the best person for the job regardless of her sexual identity.”

“With the overwhelming election of Karla Drenner, Kathy Ashe, Sheila Jones, Stacey Abrams, and others, we are returning a strong team to the House of Representatives. Another big win for us was the election of Nan Orrock who will bring a powerful and unwavering voice in the Georgia State Senate and who joins Gloria Butler and other Senators who have stood on the right side of history,” he said.

Georgia Equality will be directing all of its focus on endorsed candidates who face runoffs including Jim Martin in the Lt. Governor’s race and Douglas Dean in House District 59. But the number one priority is Allen Thornell who finished second in House District 58.

“We are three weeks away from electing the first openly gay man to the Georgia House of Representatives. Voter turnout will be the key to winning on August 8th and we are mobilizing our forces now,” he said.

Congrats to all of GE's endorsed candidates that won. And good luck to those in runoffs. I hope that we'll be sending Allen Thornell to the House as Georgia's first openly gay male elected official.


griftdrift said...

I wish I had mentioned this in my campaign huntin posts. In my travels on Monday and Tuesday, the one candidate I did see numerous supporters was Drenner.

Button Gwinnett said...

She's earned every bit of that hasn't she, grifty? Can you imagine being the only gay member of the legislature? Whenever anything relevent to LGBT community issues come up, she's the lightening rod whether she likes it or not.