Monday, March 05, 2007

Anyone Surprised? It's Ann Coulter After All

Even though America has progressed to the point where public figures using hate speech isn't acceptable anymore, the word"faggot" is still the put down of choice for many teenagers. I'm guessing that no one knows this better than school teachers.

Well, Ann Coulter is no teenager (and looks it more and more every day), but apparently she doesn't mind tossing the word "faggot" around at even heterosexuals like John Edwards. So I guess it wasn't so surprising to see that she went even further into her rant and also used the word "raghead" when discussing homeland security.

To their credit, the Edwards campaign has responded positively. They've set a goal for raising $100,000 in "Coulter Cash" to turn Coulter's hate and willful ignorance into something positive.

Coulter is a shock jock without a radio program. Apparently, some heterosexual men find her too attractive for radio and like seeing her regularly on Fox News with Sean Hannity. They should look a little closer at her next book signing. Because the poor dear could use some masking tape and vasseline. Every time I see her, I don't think of her as an attractive woman. I just feel like saddling up a horse. Then she speaks..........

She has found a comfy little niche of Rush Limbaugh worshipping, Michelle Malkin reading, neo cons in which to sell books to. She caters to simpletons who would probably like to see this country revert back to a time when it was more acceptable to discriminate and string up folks that you don't like from the nearest tree. They're such an easy group to pander to, after all.

Coulter says things for shock value regularly. My standing policy on her has been to simply ignore her. But it really is time to get the point across to more Americans - particularly young ones - that it's not okay to use words like "faggot." To allow people to continue to do it so freely is sending a message that it's still okay to ostracize someone because of their sexuality.

I suppose she also thinks that enough people in this country hate Muslims, so it's okay to use the word "raghead." To do so is to be disrespectful to a religion, a group of people, and a culture.

Honestly, I'm not for censorship. But despite the social progress that we've made, there are still groups of people out there against whom hate and discrimination are still possible without consequences. This needs to change.

Ann, this is the year 2007, not 1987. It's time to let your hate go.

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