Monday, March 12, 2007

PDB Scorches Jack Kingston

The folks over at Progressive Daily Beacon don't like Rep. Jack Kingston (R-D1) very much. In fact, they've pegged him as a "Republican extremist:"

"Kingston is, of course, anti-abortion and opposes stem cell research. He would say his position is based upon good Christian "pro-life" values, but as he is an enthusiastic supporter of the death penalty - "pro-life" seems to be a serious misrepresentation at best. Jack Kingston is a big supporter of extremist evangelical causes like those supported by Pat Robertson. Robertson, of course, is the guy who has regular discussions with "God" and blamed gay people for the attacks on 9/11. Indeed, Jack Kingston has sponsored Pat Robertson-like resolutions calling for the Ten Commandments to be prominently displayed in congressional chambers.

That's the problem with extremists like Jack Kingston. They beg and pray for the United States to attack Iran because it is a theocratic dictatorship...then they turn right round and support ideas that would make the United States into a theocratic dictatorship. Just like Iran is an Islamic Republic, Kingston mistakenly assumes the United States to be a "Christian" Republic. Folks like Jack Kingston believe Christian rulers to be "kinder and gentler" than Islamic rulers, but that rationale completely ignores historical events like the Spanish Inquisition and the Salem Witch Trials to name a few."

That does sort of highlight the Christian fundamentalist wing of the modern Republican party that has lead them to their ruin. It underscores their duplicity in "pro life" issues, as well as their condemnation of nations like Iran. You can't with any credibility call out one theocratic dictatorship when you're trying to establish one of your own. Kingston, himself, has heavily supported an administration that has limited us in our freedoms via heinous legislation like the Patriot Act. And he's used the guise of being a Christian to hide his tracks.

During Gerald Ford's funeral, much was made of his being the last Republican president (he was also very much a Christian) that was untethered to the Christian fundamentalist movement that hijacked the GOP beginning in 1980 with Jerry Falwell's Moral Majority. The Jack Kingstons of today don't realize how extremist they really are. They have truly lost the idea of a seperation of church and state, and why a group of Christians sought to make sure that the two didn't intermingle in the great new world.


Anonymous said...

Just my two cents- but Kingston is a smug asshole. What else can I say?

Isn't he also the one who was tromping around trying to put all the Social Security money into the big stock market companies?

Don Thieme said...

He complained recently about having to work a five day week. Hopefully he will soon be working a no day week.

Button Gwinnett said...

Don, it doesn't say much for his work ethic does it?

Steve, I think you're right.