Friday, March 30, 2007

Young Harris and Cathy Cox both pick winners

Young Harris College has long been one of my favorite college campi ever since I first visited there as a child. Tucked away in the North Georgia Blue Ridge mountains on our borders with Tennessee and North Carolina, Young Harris is almost like a step back in time. With it's cute little 19th century Methodist chapel, its old but well maintained red brick and white clapboard buildings, that's a part of its charm.

But the selection of their next president is a clear commitment to continue moving Young Harris into the 21st century. Georgia's former Secretary of State, Cathy Cox, has accepted the challenge of being their next president.

I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when an alumnus of the school from Dawsonville called me to give me the good news. It's a role befitting Cathy in her now post-political career. I also think that she will find this more fulfilling for herself personally than practicing law, or pondering a run for the U.S. Senate. This kind of job will help her to utilize her knowledge and expertise as an administrator and executive, as well as her fundraising abilities for good cause.
Good luck to Cathy Cox and to Young Harris College. I think you're both in good hands.

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