Thursday, March 08, 2007

Gov. Bill Richardson (NM) Democratic Darkhorse?

That's what NYT writer David Brooks (via the Post-Bulletin) says anyway. He also calls Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico the most experienced Democrat running for president. He's probably right about that. It's hard to argue with Richardson's credentials. If we have to roll up our sleeves in the fall of 2008 and get behind Gov. Richardson, I won't be unhappy.

I was told in private by another Georgia blogger last year that my "views" and my blog with a name like "Liberal Lucidity" was probably poison to any candidate that I chose to say anything good about. I don't know if that's true. But I'll risk it and say that Gov. Richardson would represent me and many of the issues that I care about extremely well.

Hat tip to Vivian J. Page.


Jon said...

If they were soley judged by resumes he would win hands down...

Congress, Cabinet Secretary, Governor, UN Rep. It just keeps going.

Richardson is solid, but he is going to have to raise some serious cash to hang around. Too bad that is the requirement right now.

Don Thieme said...

My understanding is that he has been lousy in terms of environmental protection in New Mexico. He is also big on privatization of government agency functions and government land, not much friendlier toward unions than Bush has been.

Button Gwinnett said...

Jon, I think he'll be coming to Georgia soon to do some of that fundraising. I've never seen him in person....would be interesting.

Don, I hadn't heard that. But then again, I've only observed him from afar in the last 10 years. Not being one of the frontrunners, he's not under the microscope as much as the others are. Those are important issues, so that's worth looking into.