Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I've Been Tagged

Steve has tagged me to name my 5 fantasy careers. Now I could start this entry with a little snark about poor ole Stevie who chose 3 high energy professions like rock singer, spy (complete with ninja garb), and ball player. Then, he chooses "sleep test guy." Well, I got a good laugh out of that one anyway! ;-)

For me:

1) Astronaut - okay, what kid didn't dream about this one? But as someone who counts how many states and nations he has visited, being able to go somewhere that so few others have gone is enticing.

2) Beauty contest judge - well, I almost did this one. I was asked to do it, but laughed it off. My brother got into this for several years, and eventually got to do this for either Miss Georgia or Jr. Miss Georgia. I can't remember which - it was in Columbus, I do remember that.

3) Tennis umpire - when I realized that I wasn't good enough to get a college scholarship as a player, I briefly thought that it might be nice to be an umpire. Don't laugh, because these days, the pro umpires in tennis get paid well, travel the world, and hobnob with people that I would probably consider hobnobbing with.

4) Alaska crab fisherman - because I'm a sucker anytime that Reader's Digest or Discovery Channel does a special on these men and women. "The most dangerous job in the world" as its known. But these crusty, hearty folks can make a lot of money in just a few weeks of work.

5) University professor - I have a few friends that got into this gig. I, too, would like to be paid to run my mouth, research what interests me, and write articles and books. Since I always looked up to my teachers, this seems like a natural for me. In fact, I've been told that I missed my boat.

Hmmmm, I think I'll tag Eddie from Chicken Fat. Just because nothing he says will surprise me. Well, "shade tree mechanic" would surprise me. But only because of his neighbor. ;-)


MichaelBains said...

Heheh! Yah, I'm thinkin' Ed won't be listing that one.

It's never too late for that Professorship, eh. I'm sure hoping not, anyhow.

Button Gwinnett said...

Well, I guess I need the ole phD first. Although I have flirted with adjunct teaching before.