Thursday, January 25, 2007

"Friends of God: A Road Trip with Alexandra Pelosi"

Starting tonight, HBO will be airing a documentary made by the daughter of Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The documentary includes interviews with at least two of the high profile folks behind the pulpit in the Christian Right: Falwell and Haggard. I have a feeling that Focus on the Family won't like the results of this project.

From HBO's synopsis:

During her journey, Pelosi also visits with Rev. Jerry Falwell, leader of The Moral Majority and chancellor and founder of Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va., who articulates a commitment to change the country and urges his congregation to "vote your values" in elections. "Evangelicals are the largest minority block in this country," he says. "It's not a majority, but I don't think you can win without them. John Kerry learned that. Al Gore learned that. And Hillary will learn that in 2008."

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Rocky said...

Pelosi had a great documentary about the 2000 election called "Journeys with George".

I had no idea she was doing another. Thanks for writing about this. I'll have to set my DVR.