Friday, September 28, 2007

My poor baby.........

My friend Izzy is 11 years old now. He's normally picky, vivacious, spoiled, fiercely loyal, hard-headed, affectionate, and plays like a puppy.

But yesterday, he had to have a large mass (benign, thankfully) removed and 4 teeth extracted. His poor little head is shaved, he has stitches in 2 places, and he's still feelings the effects of the procedures.

He's just so pitiful. He can't stop staring at me. And he wants to be no where else but in my lap - which he is right now. This isn't the Izzy that I've known and loved for so long.

I know that what we did yesterday was for his own benefit. But I didn't expect him to be quite this way. Which makes me feel that I didn't ask enough questions before hand. I'm told that he should be "back to normal" in about a week.

Still, it's hard to watch him suffer. He whines and whimpers a bit from the pain. I give him the pills for pain that his vet prescribed for him. But only when he gets to that point.

So if you can spare a positive thought or two for Izzy today, please do so. Trust me, he deserves it.


Larry said...

I have had this done a few times on Boston Terriers, and while it is hard at first, it does prolong their life.

Button Gwinnett said...

Yeah, I just wish he'd stop looking at me like, "why did you let them do this to me?"


I took him for a walk a while ago. That's the first time I've seen him actually enjoy something. So he's getting better.

Kathy said...

Such a cutie! I hope he's back to normal soon. It's so hard to see a pet in pain. At least children (once they reach a certain age) can tell us what they're feeling.

Amy Morton said...

I know it's hard for both of you. My Jack Russell, Veruca, sends her best. I can probably even get best wishes out of my two cats. Seriously. Hang in there. You did what you and the vet believe to be the right thing. There's nothing harder than having a pet not feeling well and them not able to tell you what's exactly wrong. Sending prayers your way.

Christopher said...

Get well soon, little champ!

Nothing is harder than seeing our dogs sick and having to go under the knife.

Last year, our beloved Ginger ran into a branch scavaging out back and a piece of some organic matter lodged under her eye. The vet had to remove it in the OR. I was physically ill with worry.

Our dogs are our family members, best friends, our children and they give us so much and ask nothing in return except love.

Ginger recovered fully as I know yours will too.

Button Gwinnett said...

Thanks Kathy, Amy, and Christopher! Yesterday afternoon after his short walk, and after eating a little more food he finally started to perk up. His eyes and big ears (this dog has so many different expressions) are a lot more lively now. He even played a little last night and gave me a pretend growl when I gave him a treat.

I suspect that he's going to be mad about his hair though. When it starts to grow back in, it's going to look like a mullet I once had in 1984. ;-)

Give Veruca, the kitties, and Ginger all a back rub from us. Poor Kathy's got too many furry friends to name. But their cute pics are always up at Birmingham Blues!

Christopher said...

Splendid news!

ET said...

I'm glad Izzy is on the road to recovery. Time heals all.

nytexan said...

Glad to hear lzzy is starting to perk up. If he's anything like my sheltie you will have the poor me guilt trip laid on you for weeks. They do know how to work on us.